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The perfect combination is now available at an affordable cost and provided only by Polyprint. More than 5 years of research and collaboration with screen printing experts, now gives optimum results – all the advantages of direct to garment digital printing at the cost and productivity of the screen printing method.
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Screen & Digital Title

Digital advantages & low cost for high production are now possible!

The perfect combination is now available at an affordable cost and provided only by Polyprint, giving optimum results – all the advantages of direct to garment digital printing at the cost and productivity of the screen printing method.

Watch the Screen & Digital Mix video presentation:
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Revolutionary benefits with the combination of the 2 printing techniques:

From €0,09/print on dark

Photorealistic Prints

No pre-treatment

60 dark t-shirts/hour

The major application of this mix is the usage of the screen to print the white background and the Texjet® PLUS Advanced printer to print digitally the CMYK colors on top in order to decrease the cost per print for medium to high runs and to increase the productivity up to 60 dark t-shirts/hour (using 1 printer only). Add more printers and increase the production…

Additionally, the screen can also be used to print on light colored garments or special fashion effects that cannot be printed digitally like glitter, gold etc. in combination with the CMYK digital print.

How it works…


The Texjet® PLUS Advanced dtg printer is equipped with the “Easy Table Series” system that includes the “Base” and the exchangeable “Tables” which are designed to lock together. The tables can be released easily and quickly with a simple lever that holds them firmly into place.


Watch the “Easy Table Series” video presentation


A second “base” is mounted on a screen print machine with the help of the respective adaptor. This way, the platens can be released from the digital printer and placed at the screen-printing machine or vice versa with absolute registration.

The simplest configuration consists of 1 Texjet® PLUS Advanced printer, 1-color manual screen printing machine, 1 extra “base” and 1 extra “table”. More tables and Texjet® PLUS Advanced printers can be used if needed to increase productivity or number of screens to add effects.


The platens are made from special honeycomb aluminum robust material also used in screen-printing that can guarantee the levelness and is resistant to heat when “flash cure” is needed between the prints.

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Any separation software can be used (etc Photoshop) in order to create the white under base file to burn the screen. The Texjet® RIP v7 (included with the Texjet® PLUS Advanced printer) can also create the white layer and export it as a high resolution file (.tiff, as an optional feature) to be used for the screenmaking. The same file is used with the printer to print digitally the CMYK colors. TexjetRIP comes with special icc profiles for the screen+digital mix to guarantee the excellent print results.


Polyprint has tested various screen-printing pastes and found the ones compatible with the CMYK digital inks that offer great wash fastness, and optimum color vividness. Great results have been achieved using Waterbased White, Waterbased Plastisol and Discharge. In general, the compatibility is quite high with most of the available materials from various brands, but it is recommended to perform tests to evaluate the results. Polyprint provides detailed technical guidelines for the customers that purchase the system, including information for compatible printing pastes from well-known brands as a reference.

Registration – Compatibility

Polyprint provides a universal adaptor that can fix the “base” on the most manual screen-printing pallet arms. Special adaptors are also available upon request.


Screen & Digital Graph

Screen & Digital mix can offer new business opportunities to those who embrace the dtg technology and seek for higher productivity and lower costs, and to screen printers who have the need to produce small-medium runs avoiding the high screen costs. Polyprint’s solution is affordable, simple and easy to use, therefore can be the answer to both sections.


From the first printed sample up to 400pcs, Polyprint offers the most affordable solution!

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