Polyprint DTG | Pre-Treater III
Achieve vibrant colors, sharper details and washability with Polyprint’s Pre-Treater III – an automatic pretreatment solution for dark colored garments & polyester blends.
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Polyprint Pre-Treater III
The ultimate dtg pretreatment solution

Pre-Treater III (Front View)

Achieve vibrant colors, sharper details and washability with Polyprint’s Pre-Treater III – an automatic pretreatment solution for dark colored garments & polyester blends.

Pre-Treater III (Left View)

Pretreating with consistent results every time!


Due to the new electronics a higher performance is ensured. The innovative and larger display allows an easy setup of the spray length, width and amount of precoating. The machine comes with four valves, which can be selected individually. This not only allows you to setup your individual precoating area but also saves a lot of precoating liquid.


The length of the spraying area can be regulated in 2 cm increments using the touch display. There are 10 levels available regarding the amount of precoating liquid. A specific feature of the device is the automatic cleaning process of the four spraying nozzles. This will prevent the nozzles from getting dry or blocked when the machine is switched on. All of these settings, can be stored in 5 different editable program buttons.

Various Highlights of Pre-Treater III

  • Touch display

  • 5 editable script buttons

  • Nozzles are flushed with a pressure of 10.5 bar

  • Graphical presentation of the cleaning processes

  • Automated cleaning intervals

  • Performance of electro valves has been doubled

  • Transparent precoating- and water pipes

  • Warning notices in case of maloperation

  • If the device is not in use for a certain time an automated cleaning process will be initiated

Pre-Treater III – Specifications


Spraying area40x60cm
Spraying methodNozzles are moving over the table (inside)
Table length60cm
Nozzles4 pieces
DimensionsT 90 x B 72 x H 50 cm
Dimensions (transport)T 90 x B 72 x H 64 cm
Weight70 kg
Weight (transport)90 kg
Connection230 VAC
Consumption125 W
Power input2 A
Main fuse12 A
Operating pressure of nozzles (precoating)5,5 bar
Operating pressure (water)10,5 bar
Included in deliveryReplacement nozzle, replacement filter and ultrasound cleaner
Additional characteristicszinc- and powder-coated housing, three integrated containers
for precoating liquid, water and deposits
Technical Specifications

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