Polyprint DTG | Reflections on FESPA, Hamburg 2017
Polyprint designs and manufactures direct to garment printers since 2006. With a worldwide network in over 55 countries, we are leaders in the direct to garment printing industry.
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Reflections on FESPA, Hamburg 2017

Polyprint Stand 1 (FESPA 2017 -Polyprint)

Reflections on FESPA, Hamburg 2017

14:06 30 May in General

For the very first time, Polyprint presented at FESPA Hamburg, all three new TexJet® direct to garment printers together. Stunning print quality, reliability, cost-effectiveness and efficiency are the key characteristics of TexJet® shortee, TexJet® echo and TexJet® more, three different-sized direct to garment printers destined to satisfy diverse customer needs.

TexJet® shortee is the ultimate t-shirt printer, ideal for start-ups and perfect for indoor and outdoor events due to its compact size that offers portability.

TexJet shortee 1 (FESPA 2017 -Polyprint)

TexJet® echo offers great versatility in terms of the applications made possible due to the compatibility with 10 different sized, interchangeable and easy to use print platens (Polyprint Snap-On platens). A hybrid dtg printer that can be combined with a screen print machine for printing the white base (Polyprint Screen & Digital Mix) which results to very low printing costs on dark t-shirts.

TexJet echo 2 (FESPA 2017 -Polyprint)

TexJet® more is a special-purpose dtg printer that offers an enlarged print area of 41x95cm making it ideal for professionals interested in special applications such as dresses, bed and table linen.

TexJet more 2 (FESPA 2017 -Polyprint)

Once again, the live demonstrations of Polyprint’s Screen & Digital Mix was catching visitors attention as this innovative technology combines the techniques of screen and digital printing, decreasing the cost per print on dark t-shirts (from 0,09€ / t-shirt) and increasing one’s productivity (60 dark t-shirts / hour).

Screen & Digital Mix 2 (FESPA 2017 -Polyprint)
Screen & Digital Mix 1 (FESPA 2017 -Polyprint)

Finally, Polyprint displayed the “Wall of Chances”, a wall that presented the potentials and benefits of TexJet® dtg printers matched with different business ideas and opportunities and addressed to different customer types.

Wall Of Chances 2 (FESPA 2017 -Polyprint)
Wall Of Chances 1 (FESPA 2017 -Polyprint)

Most of the visitors to FESPA’s textile hall were professionals already familiar with direct to garment printing technology and aware of new market trends such as “Fast Fashion” (a fast growing trend as the need for small and fast productions at low cost has increased significantly) and had the opportunity to witness the effectiveness of Polyprint’s TexJet® printers and integrated solutions.

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